K7 Endpoint Security (K7 EPS) provides comprehensive, multi-layered endpoint and server protection against cyber threats.

Cybersecurity is an important operational requirement for any business today – no matter how large or small the company. The effects of a targeted malware attack can bring a business to its knees, negatively affecting an organization’s efficiency and incurring lost productivity from the workforce. Protecting a company’s intellectual property and securing customer data are good business practices, however, the cost of deploying, managing, and maintaining commercial IT management and security controls can be extremely expensive for an up-and-coming business. For IT Operations in small and medium businesses, price and performance are just as important as high detection rates and threat mitigation features – without compromising the overall security of the network.

 K7 Sentry – On Access / On-Demand Scans - On-access and on-demand scanning technology identifies and blocks both known and unknown malware objects before they impact systems.

Heuristic Malware Detection Technology – Complementing traditional signature-based detection, heuristic detection uses behavioral analysis to proactively identify and block unknown malware in addition to zero-day exploits.

Ransomware Protection - Ransomware protection monitors the behavior of potentially suspicious processes, especially any process that writes to a certain target file types and block attempts to change them.

K7 Firewall (HIDS/HIPS) –Proactively Block Threats - Host-based firewall with an integrated Host Intrusion Detection System (HIDS) and Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) protect against direct application and system-level attacks.

K7 SafeSurf – Secure Online Browsing - Protect endpoints from internet-based malware infections and drive-by-download attacks by using heuristic URL analysis and cloud-based website reputation services - before payloads can be deployed

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K7 Endpoint Security - Standard -1Yr On Premises

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