Kranoes is a alien creature inspired by the body anatomy of a sabertooth tiger. It is the visual incarnation of a predator in the felidae family. This rig is developed for animators who are in the lookout for creature rigs for their personal work. Rigged with realistic skin deformers and maya muscles. The rig is tested and is ready to animate. However if you come across any issues with the rig, feel free to contact us.

Take a look at the rig in motion:

You can also get model with textures if you are looking for a creature model to test your rigging skills.

Technical Info

  • Maya2015 or higher
  • Rigged using advanced skeleton
  • Product includes:

Opt1-Kranoes maya rig with Full HD and half HD textures and sound pack 

Opt2-Kranoes model with HD textures

Check the link for basic rig tutorial:


  • Rig may be used for personal and educational purposes only.
  • Any commercial usage of the rig is prohibited unless both parties have a mutual agreement.
  • Usage of rig for any Racial/offensive/derogatory/causing damage to other firms are strictly prohibited and in such cases the user bears sole responsibility on his actions.

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  • Brand: Fortuler
  • Product Code: Galaxy Artists
  • Availability: In Stock

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